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Kitten climbing a tree - Savannah Holistic Veterinary Care


Acupuncture is the process of inserting needles into the body to produce a healing response. The Chinese have used acupuncture in veterinary…

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Puppy laying in the grass - Savannah Holistic Veterinary Care

Food Therapy & Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes (TCVM) in the healing power of food. Therefore, food therapy is one of the four major…

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Australian Shepard - Savannah Holistic Veterinary Care

Massage & Physical Therapy

Researchers based Tui-na massage therapy on Chinese Medical theory. Tui-na uses a mixture of acupressure, conventional massage, and chiropractic techniques.…

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Gold retreiver puppy - Savannah Holistic Veterinary Care - Savannah, GA

Behavioral Counseling

Many pets are often given away due to behavioral problems. Issues such as destroying furniture or the blinds are more…

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Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is the process of restoring full and pain-free range of motion to joints. You can think of it…

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